Timur & Timurid Architecture

This is an image of Timur

The image below shows various members of Timur's descendents. Below the image are pictures that I have taken in Timur's native Uzbekistan.

Emir Timur (Timur-i-Lang) on the throne (A.D. 1335-1405). On the right of the throne: Babur A.D. 1526-1530; Humayun A.D. 1530-1556; Akbar A.D. 1556-1605; Jahangir A.D. 1605-1627; Shah Jahan A.D. 1627-1658. On the left are three sons of Shah JahanDara Shikoh, Shah Shuja, Aurengzib (who succeeded Shah Jahan).image18_lg

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