OK not Iran, but am putting these here while I decide where to put these images. I am not sure whether I'll be able to set up a site dealing with Syria specifically.

The pictures are taken mainly from a visit I made in October 2009. 

Apart from the shrines of Hazrat Zainab (a.s.) and Hazrat Sakina (a.s.), the main sites that we visited and shown below are as follows.


This is a two hour drive from Damascus and it cost us 4000 Syrian Pounds (£53 or US$89) to hire a 10 seater minibus to take us there and back.

The town is notable for its, Nabatean, Roman and Ottoman remains. It also has the Masjid Mabrak and Bahira's monastery, whose significance can be seen from the text in the next column. The Masjid Mabrak is noted for having a stone with the impression of the feet of the camel that brought the Prophet (s.a.w.) when he came to Bosra.

Crac des Chevaliers

A well-preserved Crusader castle, which is a one and a half hour drive from Homs. No real religious significance, but a great history lesson for the kids.

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