Sa'dabad Palace (White Palace)

Owing its appellation to its white facade, the White Palace is the largest palace in the 110-hectare ensemble of Sa‘dabad. Besides its formal function as a locale dedicated to administrative affairs and formal receptions, this building also served as the summer residence of the Shah and his consort, Farah. Its construction was begun in 1931, by order of Reza Shah, and completed in 1936. The White Palace was gradually put into service some three years after the completion of its construction. Numerous artists and artisans contributed to the construction of this palace. The palace was designed by Engineer Khorsandi and its technical calculations were carried out by Leon Tatavoosian, P. Pessian and the Russian Boris. The White Palace occupies a 2164 square meter plot of land and has a built area of approximately 5000 square meters on two floors and a basement.

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