Although it has been nearly 10 months since I first started creating this site, I'll now use this page to record the development of this site.

User Stats

I've recently started looking at some of the user stats. Ok, so it can be very tricky interpreting the data and filtering out hits by bots etc. but there does seem to be some interesting insights. Pakistan consistently scores a relatively high percentage of users - so I guess I should have more material that would be of relevance to them, for example in the travel section and perhaps Urdu language material. 

There are also hits from a wide variety of countries, many of which I had not anticipated would people with an interest in this material. However the data also suggests that some people come in having searched for images. So I guess I could improve access by better tagging the photos on the site.

In addition, in order to collect more reliable information I have made more of an effort to encourage people to provide feedback and contact and that way I'll be able to get an idea of who is reading this site and what their interests may be.

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